"Women and War" by Ariana

      This collage is made up of images from different wars throughout history, primarily World War I and World War II. The bottom half of this collage contains images of feminine women, whom artists depict as frail and incapable. The women are constrained to traditional values and are not welcome to take part in the war or work in the factories. Above these very strict, conventional propaganda posters are those that contain a balance. Within this category, women are persuaded to aid the war; however, this is done in a subtle way by having women take jobs in factories or in the nurse corps. This shows the progression of women’s rights or it simply shows the desperate nature of people in wartime. Above these two groups stand the more modern view on women—that they are capable of any man’s job. Here, the propaganda posters highly encourage women to participate in battles, and therefore there are scenes of war mixed into the images.

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